Autumn is finally here and not only it arrived silently and replaced the carefree, long, and hot summer days September is already gone! Yes, even October day by day, one leaf at a time is fading away and before you know it winter will knock on our doors.

Not only we have so much important things to do such as switching the Pumpkin Spice with peppermint and hot cocoa and purchasing all the fluffy blankets, but these are also the months that we must review how the year went by and additionally, they will set the tone about how the next year will unravel.

Although you might find this fact surprising the last three months of the year are probably the most critical and crucial ones. These are the moments when you get to calculate everything that you have done throughout the year.  It might be unclear for you why the last few months of the year make such dramatic change, but they do.

Imagining starting the next 2019 with a bang, but not the cheerful type of bang but more like “what was I doing in the past few months” type of bang. You will lose yourself in the process of trying to catch up with all the paperwork, unfinished tasks, and frantically trying to organize everything.

The first thing in the last quarter of your business year is to review your goals

As we all know it, it`s in our nature to give purpose to our lives and set goals for the future. Not only setting them but achieving them too gives us pleasure and fulfillment in our personal lives as much as in our business-life.

Reviewing the goals that you`ve set at the beginning and through the year that has gone by, will help you to see where you stand. What do we mean, feeling confused? Well, your goals are a true reflection of what are you aiming, they are practically your fulfill-able wishes on a paper. The more goals you cross off your list the closer you are to the finish line- finishing your year successfully. So you need to know:

How many of your goals have you met, and on how many of them are you still working on?

Are the remaining goals still relevant to you, your business, and in alignment with your primary objective?

After answering these questions you might find yourself disappointed that you might haven’t met all of them but don’t despair. The reason behind answering them is to find determination and willingness to push yourself for the goals that are indeed worthwhile to be achieved. And on the contrary, refining your list from the goals that don’t matter anymore. You will feel freed and in addition, you will have a new refreshing perspective on things.

Determine an action plan

Now after reviewing your goals, you know where you`ve failed to raise up to the challenge of making something happen, thus you can put some final efforts and energy into fulfilling the most important of them. Yes, it is completely doable. Take the time to think about and figure out what can you actually do. Step by step plan, pure determination and before you know it you have done it!

Plan your holiday schedule

Welcoming the holiday season prepared will put you one step ahead into the business game. Time is vital when it comes to working with clients and appreciating their time, planning ahead the marketing strategy, controlling the social media pages, etc. When you own a business this list could probably go on and on and on…hence why the importance of meticulously planning the days that you will take off.

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