Online Business Management

Have you ever thought to yourself
‘there are not enough hours in a day?’


This will become a thought of the past. We will manage the ongoing digital operations of your business, which may be currently falling by the wayside.
Never miss an important meeting, sales calls and or business opportunity again. You will have peace of mind knowing your business will thrive and you will have more time.


  • Format blog posts
  • Create social media images
  • Posting
  • Scheduling
  • Curating content


  • Scheduling daily posts
  • Granting membership access
  • Email and messaging support
  • Engagement strategies
  • Facebook challenges and contests


  • Assist with managing leads
  • Manage opt-in emails
  • Create campaign emails & newsletters
  • Assist with list building strategies


  • Manage business tools and systems
  • Setup workflows
  • Customer Service
  • General Administration

Hayley has jumped on board with me to build my business as if it was her own. She understands the passion and the stresses of making your dream come true and works tirelessly to support me by helping me find more efficient tools & methods for my tasks as well as taking tasks off my hands to ensure my clients get the support I want to give them. Since Hayley understands what it takes to run a business she provides insight and support that is way beyond simple administrative work. She takes all her wealth of experience and her innate creativity and directs it to help me in forwarding the success of my business. Glad to have you on my team Hayley!

Beth Ostrander

Coach & Speaker, Pleasure 4 Life

Working with Hayley as a V.A., is like cloning yourself. She is a keen listener, and never responds until she has all the facts straight, so you can trust that when she makes a recommendation or comes up with a solution, that it is well-founded, and matches exactly what your needs are. Hayley is prompt, responsive, reliable, and highly resourceful! I finally found someone who understands the true value of time, efficiency and effectiveness. She has saved me endless hours of stress and worry, simply by being who she is. I recommend Hayley with confidence!

Rosa Lokaisingh

CEO & Networking Coach, Connecting You

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