As a Windows user I was on the hunt for a screen recording tool which I could use to make short videos for my clients. Plus record what I am doing on the screen for tutorials.  Well after googling and a post in a Facebook group – Loom was recommend.  

Use Loom Copper Consulting
Loom has been a god send in my business.  As a virtual assistant from time to time clients may need a video tutorial or a walk-through – this tool is game changing.  


Loom is a communication tool which lets you create video for a wide variety of reasons some such as a quick responses for email, a walk-through or tutorial or heck even a welcome message to new clients you are on-boarding. It is a simple plugin you can install on Google Chrome.  Plus there is a feature to record and send videos right in your Gmail inbox.

Loom will become your new best friend.


Can it integrate?  YES IT CAN!  

Loom Integration Copper Consulting

Loom responded to the requests of the users and it now integrates with several popular apps.   Just to name a few:  Gmail, Intercom, Trello, GitHub, Asana, Basecamp, JIRA, Google Docs, Hacker News, Confluence, InVision App, Dropbox, Product Hunt, GitLab, Salesforce, Salesforce IQ.


  1. Training your team/clients: If you work with a team or clients, a video is the best way to train effectively. For example at Copper Consulting, I can easily record how to use a tool for a client and send them a personalised video.   Or if you have a specific process you can record these for your team or even your virtual assistant. It is easy, effective, and also helps increase the retention of whatever skill/knowledge you share.
  2. Next level communication with clients: I think by far my most favorite way of using Loom is interacting with clients. It has been easier to explain project updates to clients by by walking them through it on video.  Explaining some things via text takes a far longer time and is harder than just quickly recording a video for it. Plus your client or viewer can comment on the video if they have any questions.  Also, for example, when a client has questions about how to do a certain thing in their WordPress website, it’s easier to record a quick screen tutorial showing them how to do it.
  3. Follow Ups: Along the same line as communication with clients I use Loom to follow up with potential clients and people I meet at networking events.  For example when you attend networking events you may kick off a great conversation with a potential contact.  You hand off your card and say I’ll email you.  Great.  But instead of sending a static email like everyone else will send to that person.  You have taken your follow up to the next level –  you took the time to create a quick video.  I love this and so have my newly formed contacts.  They immediately remember who I am and 9/10 of them have followed up with me.  It really adds a personal touch.

What do you think of Loom? Would you be using it? Leave a comment below!

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