As an entrepreneur, I know you spend a lot of time helping your clients – it’s no surprise that when the the end of the work day hits you have little interest to work on your own business, and you may opt for a glass of wine (or cider in my case) and watch the latest episode on Netflix.  Anything but sitting in front of your computer any longer.

Let me be the first to raise my hand and say yes there are more days than I might like to admit I do this.  But there is NO shame in wanting to relax after a long day of work.  But this may come at a price – your business.  By avoiding your internal or admin task you may be missing out on opportunities.

Don’t worry – focusing on developing your business doesn’t have to be a month-long overhaul where you change absolutely everything about your business.  There are some daily and weekly habits you can do to get back on track.

Ok Hayley –  how do you develop and grow on a daily basis?

Expand what you know.

Continuous education is the ultimate solution to feelings of blahs in your business!  Enrolled in an online course you’ve had your eye on finally schedule time into your calendar to complete a course you have already purchased.  When your driving to visit a client or getting ready in the morning listen to a podcast episode or a TED Talk. When your brain grows, your capability grows, and as a direct result, your business grows.

Check out my Podcast recommendations!

If its not in your wheelhouse, find ways to outsource.

Don’t get so caught up in the nitty gritty where you find yourself doing things that you can afford to outsource to someone else who will do them ever better. – cough cough –   Developing a well running business may mean for you doing less! And then you can fill up that newly found free space doing more of what you kick ass at.

Upgrade your systems + processes.

Often I ask potential clients where do you spend your most time? And commonly I get – hmmm… I am not sure – on everything.  I encourage you to try track your time consistently for one full week and figure out what part of running your business is taking too long and could be streamlined. Then do your research and find ways to streamline and automate.  This is also great if your often finding client projects are taking longer than you expected.

A great tool for this, which I use is: Toggl

Remember you can do anything in your business but you cannot do everything!

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