You may not be a football nut, but I am – I can recall many a game where it all comes down to the 4th quarter. In most cases that is where all the magic happens. Your business is no different. We start a new year with big lofty goals for our business, Q1 we are gung-ho, Q2 and Q3, we drift and dabble and then Q4 and we reaffirm and stress out to hit those targets.

Put your hand up (no one is looking) if this is you?

*raises hand* 

Yes, I too am not perfect – and well I am not sure anyone is perfect. But we can strive to thrive. Aka time to get your self back on track and stick with it.

These last three months of the year are the most critical months of the year. These are the three months that help set the tone for your new year. GASP AND SHOCK! I’m already talking about 2018.
Now, how the heck do we get back on track???

Review those goals.

Hopefully, you’ve been setting goals all year. Our Dreams are the bread and butter in my honest opinion. We all need to know where we want to be to set the goals to reach it. Note that if you have not set goals for your business, you need to get SMART about them and set some now. But if you are like me and made some – it’s time to do some goal review.

  • What goals have you met?
  • Which goals are you still working toward?
  • Are your goals still in alignment with your primary objective?
  • Which goals are still relevant to you and your business?

The point here is that it isn’t too late to make a final push for goals that are worthwhile. Now if your goals are no longer in alignment with your business, you can assess why and eliminate it from your list. By reviewing your goals – you will have a clear and focused outlook on the important goals for the last few months.

Determine an action plan.

With the goals you are still working to reach, let me tell you, YOU can still make them happen. If not completely, you can put a significant dent in them. For example, if you wanted to make a certain amount of sales or gain a certain number of followers… you can make that happen. And even if you don’t hit the goal number, you’ve at least given it all you’ve got. And set yourself and business up for greater success.

Let’s make this action plan!

  1. Sit down with your yearend goal and determine the best action plan.
  2. Figure out what steps you can take to making that goal happen.
  3. Set manageable dates and check-in times to measure your success. These check-ins are also key to keep you accountable.

If your goal is to grow your email list by 300 people by December 31st, you could have these check-ins:

  • By Oct 31st, 2017 +100 subscribers
  • By Nov 30th, 2017 +100 subscribers
  • By Dec 31st, 2017 + 100 subscribers

Hitting 100 a month is less a scary target as 300.

Whatever your goal is, tackle it!  (Ha a football joke)

Plan your holiday schedule.

Yes – I know, it is only October. But we’ve officially hit that time of year where we, as business owners, must start thinking about the many holidays coming. How many family events will you be attending? What about community events? Are you going to want to take any time off?

Sit down and map our your calendar.  Keep your family and spouse’s events in mind too.  Mark off the days that you know you’ll be taking a break and allow yourself some flex time for any festivities that may pop up.

Once you’ve figured out what time off you need, you can schedule things in advance. Social media, out of office notices, even emails to your clients.

For this last quarter, I am going to be tackling the three keys to launch into 2018! 

In October we will be working through the nightmare most have of growing their EMAIL LIST.

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