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10 Things To Know About Sleep

As a Business owner or entrepreneur sleep can sometimes be put on the back burner because too many things need to be done. Loss of sleep can be temporary or can turn into a bigger problem.  Today you will learn 10 things you didn’t know about sleep. Plus 10 tips for...

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As a Windows user I was on the hunt for a screen recording tool which I could use to make short videos for my clients. Plus record what I am doing on the screen for tutorials.  Well after googling and a post in a Facebook group - Loom was recommend.   Loom has been a...

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Printable Content Planner and Calendar: June 2017

On Monday in the Bold Boss Society Facebook group I shared a LIVE video about getting your content in order for the month.  I invite you to grab your actionable worksheets here by filling in the short form below. Download the June worksheets and commit to take one...

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What Podcast’s are in my ears?

Over the years I have waxed and waned with my desire to dive head first into the latest personal or professional development book, podcast, course etc. Although with all the learning I have done over the years - books and podcasts have made the biggest impact on my...

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Stop playing hide and seek with your customers!

As a child you may have played Hide and Seek - you would begin to know all the great places to hide and never be found.  Over time those "special" hiding spots would be found.  Well with your brand and company you do not want to play hide and seek with your potential...

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8 Essential Business Tools I Use!

Juggling task, tools, and life can be hectic! I get it! I used to wear many hats too.  As your business grows, your role will require you to "do all the things" (until you are ready to hire a VA like me) and you will need to set up business...

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Freshen up your social media for 2017

Every year I say this year I am going to make this year the one to remember. Especially with business I am able to re-evaluate everything with a fresh outlook. In order to set some goals for your social media accounts it is important to have a starting point – the...

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I am Hayley, a creativ-entrepreneur, who design beautiful visuals for you and your business.  My zones of genius are in web design, graphic design, and marketing strategy. I love helping businesses like you grow so you can focus on what matters — your business and clients.



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