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Branding & Everything You Need to Know

We all know that starting something from scratch is extremely difficult especially when you are trying to create something meaningful. Yes, you`ve always wanted to have something on your own, but owning a certain company, is not enough, you must create a Brand. Trying...

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5 Things To Automate In Your Business Today

Beyonce has the same amount of hours in a day as YOU.  What does she accomplish in comparison to you? I don't know about you - but I hate that saying.  When I am compared to anyone else it makes me uncomfortable. Why - not because of what you think.  I am...

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The Quality of your Relationships say “Who You Are”

Today we have a guest post from Rosa Lokaisingh.  I met Rosa a few years ago at a networking event and I gravitated to her - she was a breath of fresh air at this event.  I am always captivated by what she has to offer and give of herself.  She is sharing today about...

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?  Do I need to hire a virtual assistant? How will a virtual assistant help my business?   I will answer all these questions today to make your life easier.  Plus, I hope to make your decision process about hiring a VA easier as...

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What is the Real Cost of Delaying Tech Decisions?

Each week one of my clients and friends ask me to recommend technology and software which will help automate their life and business.  I have my go to list and I thought I was a tech-wizard, until I met Dianne from Trendspire Canada Inc.  She is a tech-queen!  This...

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Are you holding your business back?

As an entrepreneur, I know you spend a lot of time helping your clients - it’s no surprise that when the the end of the work day hits you have little interest to work on your own business, and you may opt for a glass of wine (or cider in my case) and watch the latest...

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Want to tap into the French market?

This week's Feature Friday Spotlight is from a Neurolanguage Coach®.  She recognized a huge need in the market to assist businesses and entrepreneurs to tap into the FRENCH market. I wonder how many readers do not have a FRENCH as a language option on their website?...

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I am Hayley, a creativ-entrepreneur, who design beautiful visuals for you and your business.  My zones of genius are in web design, graphic design, and marketing strategy. I love helping businesses like you grow so you can focus on what matters — your business and clients.



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