Here are my seven reasons why you should choose WordPress over Squarespace (and Wix):

1. No 1. Content Management System (CMS) in the World

According to the smart ones over at W3 Tech, they have done their research, and it shows – of all the websites on the internet about 30% are run on WordPress, making it the #1 CMS in the world. Knowing it is the leading system for building websites, why would you anything else?

2. Make it Yours!

WordPress is a free open-source software which allows you the creative control to change every aspect of your website.  This software gives you the freedom to customize your website to your business’ needs and #websitedreams. Many themes now are fully responsive since so many are viewing sites on their mobile or tablet.  Think about your website surfing habits – what device do you use the most?  Plus setting up your website to convert is easier than before with builders.  I’d recommend Divi, and you do not even have to know a lick of code to make a pretty site.

3. Did you read the fine print?

One big thing these days is reading the fine print (remember the Facebook debacle  Platforms like Squarespace or Wix have in their Terms of Service sections about how they can shut down or remove your website content without any notice to you.  The reason for this is both Squarespace and Wix host your content for you – making it under their control.  Now with self-hosted WordPress, you own the entirety of your website and never have to worry about losing content or being shut down without notice.

4. Back It Up

One fantastic way to give your self a headache is – making a small tweak on your website and breaking it.  Now the mad scramble to fix it.  But if you regularly back up your site, then this is a non-issue.  Not sure how to do this or where to start – leave a comment below and I’ll make a post on this.  But most hosting companies do create monthly backups for you.

5. Are your ranked #1 on Google?

This is a common question I get, and I have a whole video about DIY SEO coming up.  But for now – WordPress is the best when it comes to SEO plugins.  I have used Yoast for years!! With Yoast installed, you’re able to easily see what areas you should be adding your specific keywords too. If you are looking for helpful tips on how to improve your content and increase your visibility on Google, Yoast will provide you recommendations.

6. Community

Since WordPress has been around since 2003 and is the #1 used CMS platform – it lends to having the best community around it.   If you go to Facebook and type in WordPress, there are A LOT of groups of super helpful people.


7. Affordable

The most important factor to a business owner, like you, is the cost. We all want to make sure we’re getting the best product for the best value, and there’s no question that when you go self-hosted.  If you are looking for a hosting company that comes highly recommended checkout Namecheap, I have been with them for years!



There you go – those are my top 7 reasons to use WordPress over Squarespace (and even Wix!) 

What do you think? 

What do you use currently? 

And would you switch to WordPress now? 


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