Beyonce has the same amount of hours in a day as YOU.  What does she accomplish in comparison to you?

I don’t know about you – but I hate that saying.  When I am compared to anyone else it makes me uncomfortable. Why – not because of what you think.  I am uncomfortable because we are not the same person.  I am proud of what I do and what I accomplish and I do not have a team of many, yet.  When we think about other entrepreneurs and accomplishments we need to remember are they one or are they a many.

In order to not lose my mind and to give peace of mind to my clients, I learned to AUTOMATE!  Here are my to go to tools to automate your business today.


I used HubSpot CRM as my add-on with my Google Suite email.  It comes with a ton of features – but I really enjoy the email scheduling tool.  When I am working throughout the day on client work – I rarely send my day to day emails.  These I will work on later in the evening (10-11pm), which is not really conducive to sending to clients and prospects.  I get around this with scheduling.  Below is an example of what the scheduling feature looks like.


Canned responses are pre-drafted messages you can store in your Gmail and they are beyond convenient.  No matter how many emails you receive in a day – the canned response will save you time and headaches of typing out the same old message over and over. They are particularly helpful if you often need to answer the same question from your team, potential clients or refer to a certain process in your business. All you need to do is create an email template for yourself, where only the recipient’s name and other specific details need to be customized, and then save it as a canned response in Gmail.

You can find these under the Add-on section in your Gmail settings.


I have talked about this in the past – but Acuity Scheduling is a lifesaver for me.  This tool is for anyone who can’t stand the thought of sifting through days and days of email to find that elusive time your prospective client is free to meet. No matter what type of business you run – if you need for prospective clients or existing clients to book time – this is a 100% must.


This day in age of security, we can no longer have the same password for everything.  If one system was breached then you are at risk for all your systems to be affected.  With that in mind, I signed up for LastPass and it has been very helpful.  It allows me to ensure all my systems are secure and monitored.  Plus, I am able to securely share login credentials with others as well as receive their credentials safely.


I have used both Zapier and IFTTT in all different areas of my business.  Some of the software I used does not link up.  Due to this, I will set up a zap from Zapier or a receipt with IFTTT to link the software.

Here are common zaps for Social MediaNotifications, Alerts, and Monitoring, and eCommerce.



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